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Scrollable panels and the Paint event.

When a panel has scrollbars ‘default’ drawing on the DC does not  work correctly when the upper-left is not at 0,0.  Graphics functions draw on the current client area, even when scrolled the upper-left posotion of the client area is still at 0,0.

Use the function TranslateTransform to offset the coordinates.


private void dc_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
   e.Graphics.TranslateTransform(dc.AutoScrollPosition.X, dc.AutoScrollPosition.Y);
   //0,0 is now relative to the total scrollable area, not the visible part (client area).


Although this will work great for simple drawing and unnecessary drawing is limited (being clipped ), some form of optimization would speed things up considerably.

To setup a larger DC size as visible set the properties AutoScroll to  true and the property AutoScrollMinSize to a size larger then the visible area.

Lastest update in May 2011, inital post in May 2011